Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Happy Birthday blog!

In November 2009, a certain editor suggested I should give up my career, throw it in to write and start a blog.

So I did.

To hell with pensions and a salary.

And it was this time last year I took a deep breath, downed hot sweet tea and published my first post.

Though the idea of self-publication was akin to self-flagellation, it turns out I like self-flagellation and thanks to my readers, Voracious has reached birthday number one! Though it’s been less about my heritage and more my urban tales, it’s been an absolute blast to write.

Fantastic writers have been hugely encouraging - special thanks must go to the lovely Pinch of Salt and Love and a Licked Spoon who were the first to push me along to be a journalist.

And since then I’ve been lucky enough to interview the gorgeous Rosie Lovell, Franco Manca’s Giuseppe Mascoli, slather on Creme de la Mer and spy on John Prescott for the Daily Express, eat homemade scotch eggs at Waitrose Food Illustrated and write for Esquire and Condé Nast Traveler magazine in New York.

Who’dve thunk it..

So I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to the readers of Voracious - I hope you continue to enjoy and keep me on track by letting me know your not-so and favourite bits.

Lots of love,


Su-Lin said...

Happy blog birthday!!!

AdK said...

hello blog. happy birthday!! Here's a birthday question, as you know we have a vegetable box. We have carrots coming out of our ears - any suggestions ;-)

Josie B said...

Happy Birthday blogger!!! x

Salty said...

Congrats - keep up the good work! xx

Helen said...

Happy Birthday voracious eater!

H x

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday to the Voracious Eater Blog. Itching to be filled in with the Long Island snowy 10 courser.

Helena Lee said...

Su-Lin and Helen- thanks very much! I like being one - feel so much more grown up! xx

Adk - we still have a large group of muddy carrots sitting in our fridge too. I do like roasting them though, or putting them into stir-fries with broccoli. Or, there is carrot cake, or try this carrot halva http://lickedspoon.blogspot.com/2010/05/smart-as-carrot.html

Josie B - thanks! hope it's going well for you? x

Salty - Thank you so much, means a lot xx

Anonymous - Gosh - too much to write about, it will definitely be going up soon!

Douglas said...

Many happy returns.

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