Friday, 17 September 2010

London Fashion Week Munch: The Biscuit

It's London Fashion Week. Or, strictly speaking, London Fashion Five Days - a whirlwind of shows, the emergence of fashion editors armed with their pack of passes and very tall people.

I like Fashion Week - the papers get all excited and their supplements that little bit thicker. Glossy magazines get glossier, and London, already throbbing with shops, pulsates even more in anticipation.

But onto food - to celebrate LFW, as it's affectionately known, the Biscuiteers - online purveyors of beautiful hand-made iced biscuits - have developed a fashiony range. Fun tins packed full of edible killer heels, and handbags can be delivered straight to your desk. Click here to have a look.

It's difficult not to become unashamedly girly when a friend gives you this. Anything that comes in a box has occasion written all over it.

And I open only to reveal this gem of a thing:

Nice eh?

Quite frankly, if I can't have an Alexa, I'd rather have an Alexa biscuit.

They do biscuits for any occasion - births, marriages, being in love, being hungry. Yes, it's slightly twee, but there's nothing wrong with that if it gives you pure joy.

And the nice thing is, if it's your first order, you can get 5% off by entering 'bakelovex' in the discount code box.


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